Meet your new match: Matte

Meet your new match: Matte

Here are you 2 Matches… Which one would you choose?
Meet your New Match: Sean

Basic Information
Name: Shimmer-Tastic Sean
Date of birth: Summer of 2000
Occupation: Wrinkle highlighter
Height: From lash line to Brow Bone
Religion: Prays to the Sparkle Gods
In your own words: I was the hit of the high school Proms from 2000-2009. No one could stop me…. I was found at every hot spot in town. Some would say I have hit my peak but I still think I am a cool as heck. Urban decay couldn’t get enough of me and still can’t… they even put actual glitter in my Bitchin’ Shimmer Shadows! Yes, the glitter may have fallen down onto the face causing the “hot mess” look but it was all good cuz the girls were lovin’ me! The older ladies took a few rides on the Shimmer Train from time to time but it just wasn’t a good match with the age of their eyelids. I just am not into the older crowd. I want to hook up with the 20 something party gals. Let me know if you want me to take you for a spin and give you a look that makes glisten. – Shimer-tastic Sean
Meet you New Match: Matte
Basic Information
Name: Mega Hot Matte
Date of birth: Slid in somewhere in the beginning of 2010
Occupation: Enhances with out distracting
Height: Never too short never too tall (always the perfect match)
Religion: Natural Beautyist
In your own words: I fly under the radar. Kind of a shy type but when I am in a room I pull all the ladies. They don’t say….. “wow that is great eye makeup look at that sparkle” they say “wow… you look stunning tonight. I have never seen you look so amazing”. They might not know why I am unforgettable but I am. Skin is in this year and it is my time in the limelight! I want everyone to notice the grace and elegance I can bring to any woman. I do not age discriminate. It is time to go hit the town with me and see what I can do for you. — Mega Hot Matte
It is time to Stop choosing the one with shine factor and pick the one with long lasting appeal…
Here Is why LML Picks Mega Hot Matte!!!
Matte Is all the rage… Pack up your shimmer and store it away until it comes back into fashion and try using mattes this spring and summer. You will get a more natural look that is sure to impress. If you can’t go shimmer cold turkey… just use the matte shadows first and highlight your brow bone and corner of your eye with a satin or soft shimmer 🙂 You will look beautiful and it will look like you didn’t even try!!!!
xoxo LML

The Sweatpants Funk

The “Sweatpants Funk”

Being in my line of work I see it all. My job has been, for years, to make each one of my clients feel like a million bucks. Your Wedding Day is a day you want to look more beautiful than everyone in the room. So what about the rest of your life? Do you feel beautiful everyday? Because, to be honest, I sure don’t! Even when you see, what you think to be, the most beautiful woman who walked the face of this earth there is still underlying insecurity in her own mind. I have yet to meet a woman that wouldn’t change one thing about herself. Sometimes the most boastful women happen to be the most insecure.It is extremely hard in our society to feel like you meet the criteria of a a sexy woman. When all is stripped away, what is left? No makeup, hair pulled back, grungy clothes, over worked, tired and broken. Many women feel like this every once in a while (even the supermodels). The days you wake up and don’t want to put on your makeup or get out of your sweats! Those days can be a great way to recharge. It is easy for “those days” turn into “those weeks”, “those months” or even “those years”. You forget what it is like to get dressed up and feel amazing. At that point………. you NEED to bring your sexy back! Get out of that funk and feel hotter than hell!

So how can you do that? Definitely not buying an outfit that is too small that you will fit into when you loose 10 lbs. It is about finding things that make you feel great right now. This blog entry is dedicated to those in a funk who want to climb out and dominate the day! We have to jump start the “Hot Tamale Train” people!

I am not saying that being your best solely depends on your outward appearance. I think beauty runs deep. But, when I feel good about my outsides I am much more productive, confident and open to new things. All, of which, better my insides as well. It is really easy for us, as women, to hate on ourselves when we are in that “Sweatpants Funk”. Remember, a lack of self confidence can take a toll on our inner beauty sometimes. NO HATERS ALLOWED!!!

Every woman has the potential to feel and look like a their own 200%.

Here are some easy ways to feel hot in one day:

1. Workout – it feels good to get your endorphins going. If you are like me and hate working out: take a dance class, clean the house, take a walk or something that gets your heart rate up (be creative 🙂 haha). You will be happy you did.

2. Buy a new outfit- get something that you can’t wait to put on when you get home. Make sure it fits and shows off your best asset.

3. Get your nails done- go for the extra long massage. It feels good to be pampered. Try something outside the box (i.e. red, sparkles, long & fake)

4. Get a wax- clean up your brows or anywhere else you have unwanted and un-sexy hair!

5. Take a bubble bath- without your cell phone (I am so addicted to my iphone so that is the hardest part) light a candle and stay in there longer than you might normally bathe.

6. Exfoliate- get a scrub and scrub the crap out of your skin. Especially your elbows & heels. Soft skin is amazing skin

7. Get a tan- now that it is winter we all feel pasty. If you get bronzed you feel like you lost 10 lbs. and you have an amazing glow. This is at the top of every “feel better” list.

8. Put on fake eyelashes- Who cares if it isn’t prom! Thick, long lashes are fun and make your eyes stand out. Shoot, while you are at it put on some darker makeup around your eyes too!!! Smokey is Sexy! (just don’t get carried away. We don’t want you to look like you just got socked!)

9. Add some longer, thicker hair- If you don’t want extensions clip some in. You can clip in hair and feel like a playmate. Everyone loves to have long and think hair from time to time (if you aren’t born with it, of course).

10. Wear Heals- this makes legs look longer and sexier! No need to explain further. If you are female get on board.
11. Vitamin B12- This can put you in a feel-better-mood. Do your own research on it. I don’t want to tell you to take something because I am not your Doc. but it gets you going in a positive way.
12. Your anti- “sweatpants funk” trick- we are all so different and have different ideas on how to vamp ourselfs up. Add to the list your favorite thing to make you feel your best.
These ladies definitely got out of the “Sweatpants Funk”!!!

Women have been amping up their appearance since the beginning of time. Don’t feel bad about it!Be your best and feel good about it! Take some time for YOU!!!!


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